News (Oct 24, 2008):
The NDA has relaxed, so we've release NatsuLiphone souce code.

News (Oct 21, 2008):
Today, it's finally in the AppStore. You can download from here. (it opens using iTunes)

About NatsuLiphone

NatsuLiphone is a simple Twitter client for iPhone/iPod touch.
It's based on NatsuLion for Mac OSX.

Its goals are the follows:

  • Be simple
  • Easy to use for Twitter light users
  • Handy for mobile usage


It's now available on the AppStore. You can download from AppStore. You can download from here. (it opens using iTunes)


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Main Functions

  • Display your friend timeline
  • Post a message
  • Create a favorite
  • Replies including messages contain @ are emphasized
  • Input support for @ID. By tapping "Reply" button, @ID apears in the message input field
  • Manage unread tweets
  • Display user timeline (@ID)
  • "Pair timeline": to show tweet conversation (@ID1 + @ID2)
  • Build-in web browser: to quick look the web link

Optional Features

  • "Autopagerize": show old timeline only to scroll to the bottom (inspired by AutoPagerize greasemonkey)
  • Use safari: show web page in Safari
  • Color theme: light(default) or dark color theme

Upcomming version 1.05

We've submitted new version 1.05 to AppStore. The following is the new/update functions when it approved.

  • Some little bugs fixed
  • More smooth scrolling for timeline view
  • Displaying more early timeline in Autopagerize function
  • Fetching more than 20 tweets at once ("Fetching count" setting)
  • Displaying DirectMessages in "Replies" tab as blue messages
  • Replies for DirectMessage (d id)
  • Treats reply tweets for it's not beginning "@"
  • Switching views(timeline/built-in browser) to fullscreen (or normal) by shaking your iPhone ("Shake to Fullscreen" setting)
  • License

    NatsuLiphone (and its base NatsuLion) is published under the Modified BSD license. ., but the source code written for iPhone SDK is still in under NDA. We'll make public the source code when Apple lift the NDA. The NDA has relaxed, so we've released the source code.


    © 2008 all rights reserved.

    Programming by @takuma104
    Based on NatsuLion for Mac OSX by @akr
    Icon design by YUKI and @epytwen
    Many thanks to beta tester users and the twitter community.

    Source Code


    Bug Tracking System

    If you find a bug or have new feature ideas, please file issues to NatsuLiphone BTS. Or tell me on Twitter.(@NatsuLiphoneEn)

    Special Thanks

    to all NatsuLiphone beta testers.

    Release Notes